Why We Love the Wingabago Bird Carrier

Wingabago Bird Carrier Sizes

Wingabago Bird Carriers come in two sizes

By Diane Burroughs

With 7 pet birds we’ve used all of the bird carriers that are available for purchase on our website and then some.  If a bird carrier does not offer sufficient containment safety for the sized bird it is designed for we simply won’t carry it, even if it is a cheap bird carrier.

But in the Colorado Springs  summer of 2012, we got a whole new perspective on having bird safe bird carriers in our personal stock of bird supplies.  We had to evacuate all of our pet birds in short notice for several days.  While we weren’t in the evacuation area, the smoke was overwhelming and I was scared that my sweet parrots wouldn’t survive.  The risk of staying was not worth breathing in smoke or coping with the immense anxiety.  Ashes from burned trees and homes were literally falling out of the sky and piling up all over the ground as I was packing up the car.

I always keep my Wingabago Bird Carriers assembled and ready for use.  After all, I use them as a hospital cage or recovery cage whenever one of my birds shows signs of illness or injury and needs to be kept under observation, warm, and have easy access to food and water.  The custom bird carrier cover makes it so easy to provide a peaceful, warm place for a bird to recuperate. Plus, with the optional stainless steel door, Wingabago’s allow my birds to receive the health benefits of natural sunlight, safely, under supervision.

Wingabago Bird Carrier CoverSo, we cleaned our Wingabago’s with Pet Focus, lined them with cage liners, made sure that the perches and food cups were secure and quickly packed up our parrots.  Our parrots were able to perch in a comfortable, upright position and we were able to place three Wingabago’s in the back seat, all buckled in.  Since our birds were comfortable with being in their bird carriers, we had minimal issues getting them inside quickly even though we were all full of anxiety.  Three birds rode in Wingabago Bird Carriers, two in PetMate brand pet carriers and two in bird carriers designed for small birds.

With several pets to evacuate, it would have been nice to be able to stack the Wingabago bird carriers in the car with built in embedding, like you can with PetMate pet carriers.  But, on the other hand, an already anxious parrot may not appreciate a bird carrier stacked on top of the one it is in.

The real testament for the Wingabago Bird Carrier became apparent when our African Grey Parrot, Orange Wing Amazon Parrot and Moluccan Cockatoo had to be caged in Wingabago’s for a ten day span.  Of course, we made sure that our birds were provided out of “bird carrier” time. But, having 7 birds in a small accomodations was challenging.  We didn’t want to disturb our neighbors and get kicked out nor did we want to risk an escape.  Keep in mind that we had some dogs in tow too.

The things that made the Wingabago bird carrier so indispensible during our stressful evacuation were that despite cramped quarters, our birds were safe.  Not only that, the carriers could be very easily cleaned twice daily.  With the stainless steel door installed our birds had great ventilation. But the biggest worry buster was that the ventilation holes on both the large and the regular sized Wingabago’s were absolutely parrot proof.  Our parrots were left in the carriers for longer than average time frames under duress, but we totally didn’t have to worry about them escaping.

I used these same Wingabago bird carriers to transport some of my parrots in the move from KS to Colorado.  My parrots for about 5 days until my furniture and bird cages arrived.  I experienced a couple of issues with a long drive.  It could have been me, by not securing the attachment screws down well but I had issues with the bird carriers coming apart in transit.  These bird carriers are designed to assemble like a traditional pet mate carrier where you secure the top to the bottom while inserting the door.  Screws worked loose on the carriers.  on a positive note, these bird carriers nestle into a car seat and can be buckled in nicely.

Wingabago Bird Carrier Pro’s:

  • Bird safe, bird chew proof construction.
  • Your bird can see you.
  • Easily buckles into a traditional sized car seat.
  • Accepts standard sized paper towels to line bottom making clean up a snap.
  • Two available doors – one for ventilation, standard one provides warmth.
  • Ability to place a t perch on top lightweight.
  • Allows your to bird perch upright vs crouch down.

Wingabago Bird Carrier Con’s:

  • Can’t stack bird carriers.
  • Attaching bolts need to very tight or they work loose on long trips.


About Diane Burroughs

Diane Burroughs, founded BirdSupplies.com in 1998. A bird lover who is owned by African Grey's, a Moluccan, a Parrotlet and a Red-Bellied Parrot, Diane is dedicated to improving the lives of pet birds with vet-approved parrot tested supplies and expert bird care articles.


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