Understanding Parrot Body Language

amazon31 Understanding Parrot Body Language

Learn to read parrot body language

Reading you parrot’s body language is one of the most important skills you can learn to help you build a relationship with your parrot. Parrots have a unique body language all their own and unless you really know parrots, you’ll have to train yourself to read parrot body language.

Learning to recognize your parrot’s normal body language will help you know when he is feeling fine or when he’s ill or even agitated.  Also, you’ll learn what your parrot is trying to tell you.  For instance, is your parrot screaming because he is hungry or angry?  Learning to read parrot body language is critical to a mutually satisfying relationship between parrots and humans.  Plus, this skill will help you avoid a painful bites.  Parrots bite when they don’t feel understood.

Most parrots communicate their mood and feelings through body language just like people do. Once you know the signs, it’s easy to tell when your bird is happy, sleepy, terrified, or simply excited just by noticing his stance.  Parrots communicate by stance, feather positioning, eye contact, and sometimes sound.

In the Understanding Parrot Body Language DVD professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich guides you through the process of looking at a combination of body parts and what they are doing under different circumstances to give you an idea of just what might be going on in those very special bird brains.  When your parrot knows that you know how to read parrot body language, it will form a deeper bond with you.  It’s like you’ll develop a mutual communication and improved trust with this new understanding.  A parrot has the intellectual intelligence of a 4-5 year old child yet the emotional regulation skills of a 2 year old child so it can’t be expected to learn to read your body language.  It can understand your voice tone, but a harsh or loud voice tone will scare your parrot and damage the trust.

Parrots communicate quite effectively with their body language.  This bird training DVD will literally take your relationship with your parrot to new levels.  Your parrot will want to please you when it feels understood and many problem parrot behaviors will resolve.

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