Top 5 Bird Treats for Training Bird Tricks

Bring out the intelligence of birds with clicker training

Bring out the intelligence of birds with clicker training

No doubt about it.  Animal training techniques have been studied to a science.  Research shows that positive animal bird training techniques work. Zoo’s do it.  Animal shows in Vegas and on ships do it.  You can train your parrot to be a fun pet bird and wonderful companion easily with just 30 minutes or less a day.

You don’t have to be a scientist to train your pet bird.  You just need to learn and use research based, proven bird training techniques that are broken down in easy to understand language.  One of the best resources that we’ve found is Clicker Training for Birds.  But, Good Bird Training DVD’s are exceptional, too!  All proven bird training programs use bite sized favorite treats to immediately reward desired behaviors.  Bird training is no exception.  We know each of our parrots favorite bird treats, but chopping up treats into easy dispense sizes that a bird can quickly gobble up is time consuming and we’ve found it easier to use dried fruit and nut bird treat mixes like those from Goldenfeast.  Note in the picture above how we’ve attached a treat dispensing spoon and a clicker to a coiled wrist bracelet to use when we are training our birds.  Smokey understands that when he hears the click of the clicker, he will be getting a delicious bird treat.

So, getting to our top selling bird training treats??!!  Bite sized bird treats that are bursting with flavor are preferred for teaching bird tricks.  You need to be able to offer the bird treat as fast as you can click your bird training clicker to reward desired behavior.  But just like humans, birds have taste preferences.  Some birds like nuts. Other parrots love seeds and some love fruits.  Here are top bird treats for our flock of seven parrots!

  1. Treat Petite from Goldenfeast
  2. Chopped Sunflower Seeds
  3. Papaya
  4. Fresh, Cooked Edamame Beans
  5. Tropical Fruit Pudding from Goldenfeast

So, stock up on healthy bird treats today and let the training begin.

Hey, does your bird have a favorite treat that we haven’t listed?  Share a comment with your friends here.



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