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nesting behavior in pet birds

Mika is protecting his Bird Tent “nest.”

Pretty, precocious and extremely social, Parrotlets might be small but they have a big appetite for play. The trouble is finding small bird toys these little birds actually enjoy.  Little plastic wheels and wobbly penguins that attach to a perch are not very interactive and don’t have the features that satisfy a Parrotlets play needs.

A Little Bit About Parrotlets

Parrotlets are from South America, very close to the equator.  These little birds live in large flocks and are known to have a territorial, assertive personality packed into a Hershey Kiss sized body. My Parrotlets have been a constant joy to me because they bond so nicely and love to ride about on my shoulders.  But, a tiny Parrotlet can get really lonely without a lot of interaction or intellectual stimulation of Parrotlet toys.

One of the first things you need to realize about these little birds is that they need 12 hours of sleep each night.  This bird’s physique is adapted to life on the equator where temperatures are temperate and the sun goes down after 12 hours light all year long. If your Parrotlet gets too much daylight, it will be constantly hormonal causing health issues and resulting in poor feather condition.

Parrotlets are incredibly social. Appropriate toys engage their need to preen, nibble and chew.

A healthy Parrotlet loves interactive bird toys that ring, rattle and roll or sort of “speak back” to the bird as it plays.  Parrotlets are smart enough to play with engaging, thought provoking bird toys like the JW Pet Birdie Basketball Hoop. Lots of our friends tell us that their little bird loves the Birdie Babble Ball or riding on a rolling toy, too.

Most of all, your tiny 28 gm friend wants you. These birds live in huge flocks and mate for life in the wild.  You are your Parrotlets “mate” so it needs love and attention every day. A Shoulder Cape will prevent your bird from chewing holes in your shirts.

Parrotlet Toys That Mika Picks Out

My Parrotlet, Mika, is adorable. She loves small toys that offer preening opportunities.  We’ve noticed that our active little Mika enjoys these activities in particular:

  1. Rattling, clanking and ringing toys:  Mika loves to make noise.  Maybe it’s because she can’t squawk very loud.   So, she likes her bird toys to get my attention. Mika is drawn to bird toys that she can ring and clink.  This new Rubber Ducky has all of the features Mika loves, stringy raffia to preen, a pine cone to chew and a bell to ring!
  2. Preening Toys: Mika is especially drawn to small toys with soft, cotton fibers that she can snuggle up against and preen.  We’ve found a few toys from Super Bird Creations and Bill’s Birdy Bobbles that are Mika’s cuddle up toys.
  3. Natural Fibers: Skinny grapevine, coconut fibers and baby palm leaf are amongst Mika’s favorite Toys.  This little gal loves to preen her bird toys, so anything with stringy, natural fibers is preferred. Planet Pleasures Bird Toys makes a great line of natural, eco-friendly bird toys in miniature sizes that Mika devours.

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