Tanganyika Lorikeets

We had a fun little outing today at Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, KS.  About 10 minutes from my home.  We got to see white tigers, Colous Monkeys, Red Panda’s, Clouded Leopards Red Kangaroo’s and a host of other animals, some displayed in interactive exhibits.  Of course, my favorite exhibit was the interactive Lorikeet’s.

We had a blast feeding the Tanganyika Lorikeets. There were 4 species of Lories in the exhibit.  Rainbow, Purple-capped, Blue Mountain and Scarlet.   The kids sure got a kick out of feeding them nectar.  I’m wondering if it is our popular Goldenfeast NectarGold?!

Oh, BTW, Joe has promised to build me an outdoor aviary like this.  OMG.  I think it was about 40′ x 20′.  Definately bigger than my current bird room!  Really, I don’t think I want a permanent structure.  I’ve got my eye on some outdoor aviaries at www.CagesByDesign.com  I like the break down concept so that I can break them down to protect them from winter elements.  Since SpringAir now has Mosquito Traps, I’ll worry less about West Nile Virus.

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