Talking Amazon Parrot Drives Family Crazy!

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Talking Amazon Parrot Won’t Shut Up!

Everyone loves a talking parrot but Cheryl, of the UK, has reported that the family Amazon Parrot that was handed down from her great grandmother is driving her crazy. It is, essentially, a ghost whisperer! “He does all these voices of dead people from our family. The bird must be 80 – 90 years old and it remembers everybody that it has been around during that time,” she stated.

One night, when she forgot to cover the birds cage, she heard a strange voice saying, “I’m coming to get youuuuuuu.” It scared her so bad that she called the cops. And, then she realized that the bird was mimicking her dead Uncle Harry! He used to say that when she was very young before he’d pick her up. The police were not too happy when they arrived to check out the incident.

Amazon Parrots can be excellent talkers

Cheryl has realized that her great grandmother must have had a lot of boyfriends. Evidently, the parrot could be the voice over for porn movies as it tells the younger generation about granny’s romps. “I have to shut the door when any friends come over,” reports Cheryl.

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