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Java Bird Stands

Java Play Stands: Tray Maintenance

We’ve owned Java Play Stands for 5 +years.  Our African Grey Parrots, Amazon and Cockatoo have used our Java Play Stands on a daily basis.  That’s 5 birds! Sometimes 3 birds are on one bird stand.  This bird stand is hands down, the best, most enriching bird stand we know of.  A real tree opposed […]

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parrot stands

Awesome Parrot Stands

All parrots need a bird stand. But, when you first get into parrots, ya gotta watch the budget. Caitec has you covered. Or say, you need a bird stand for the RV or boat. Well, this is it. If you’re like me, you’ve got a few bird stands. This is the bird stand for travelers or budget minded people. Check out affordable bird stands at www.birdsupplies.com

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