Being Stuck in a Cage

I had an insight about being stuck in a cage with little to do today.  It wasn’t fun.

I got the dreaded jury duty summons. I was apprehensive, yet excited to learn more about the judicial process. So, at 8:30 a.m. I, along with possibly 200 other people, entered the court house to serve my county. We all were funneled into a Jury Waiting Room and assigned a number. There were like 20 civil cases and 250 criminal cases. I sure didn’t want a criminal case! But, like I said, I was bit excited to learn about the judicial process – plus, I took my computer and a good book so I was able to work and entertain myself. I was scared but I had my “toys.”

Okay, so as far as I could tell, the judges were trying to schedule their week. So, every hour or two, the court clerk would call out numbers of potential jurors who might get to serve on a case. These people got to leave the room with permission. Possibly experience some excitement – but at least they got to leave the room! I got called for a case once. A civil vehicular homicide case was scheduled for trial. I got to leave my “cage” for about an hour, until the and sit on a wooden pew like seat…. that is until the case was continued. Then, I had to go back to my “cage” and wait.

Stuck in A Cage

Stuck in a cage, parrots may develop behavior problems

You know, they look for a jury of your peers. Most people were approachable. One of the guys at the computer station area were I was sitting was diligently working on his website. Yeah, I felt a little kinship. Until I peeked at website name. “Sugar Daddy something or another dot com.” Creepy. Then there was an old fellow that must have had difficulty sitting for long periods of time. He paced back and forth, back and forth in front of me, possibly 50 times throughout the day. Each time trying to make eye contact and snoop into my business. I was more than a bit creeped out. I stopped giving him my polite smile at about 10:30 a.m. The dude with tattoo’s on his neck wasn’t someone that I wanted to start a conversation with either. My point….I was caged with people that I did not feel comfortable with. Luckily, I was released for lunch. 90 minutes out of the cage!  During the afternoon, my number was not called once. At about 4:00 I began to wonder if I’d be able to cope with being stuck in this room for the entire week. Heck. How would I entertain myself for that amount of time. I had a headache. I wanted a beer. Okay, a few beers.

Gez. Is this what caged birds feel like? I think that I may have had more enrichment than most caged pet birds do. At least I got to leave the room for a few minutes for the potential vehicular homicide case and then for lunch. I wonder if our intelligent pet parrots become this frustrated. No wonder parrots want to bite and turn to screaming and feather plucking when stuck in a cage day after day!

Excuse me. I need to go get my parrots and let them out of the cage to socialize, restock their bird toys and give them attention.

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