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Peachy is showing off on his Java Wood Perch

By Diane Burroughs

Here at we’re passionate about parrots and it shows in everything we do.  For instance, our most recent customer survey in February 2013 was a testament.  We frequently like to make sure that we are offering safe, useful bird accessories that are easy to buy online:  the bird accessories that you’d want to use with your own parrots.

Survey says:

  • Easy to Navigate and checkout: 90%
  • Very satisfied with shopping experience 85%
  • Very satisfied with product quality: 90%
  • Pleasantly fast shipping: 94%
  • Recommend to bird loving friends: 90%

We’d like to get your bird accessories shopping experience to 110% – Please comment here if you have ideas of how we can make a better product choice or shopping experience for you.

 Meet Our Bird Supplies Team

 Passionate about Parrots   Were Always on the Lookout for Quality Bird AccessoriesDiane started in 1997. An animal lover since childhood, Diane was captivated by parrots and began offering bird supplies online in the late ’90′s.  She has taken international by offering superior customer service selling only high quality, natural/ organic, bird safe bird supplies. karl Passionate about Parrots   Were Always on the Lookout for Quality Bird AccessoriesKarl is our internet Security Officer.  He’s been intimately involved in business operations since Peachy was a chick! With an MBA, Karl helps us with insuring that we provide over the top custer service and business planning  Karl has kept the shopping experience secure and focused, plus he helps us take bird supplies social and global.
peachy2 Passionate about Parrots   Were Always on the Lookout for Quality Bird AccessoriesPeachy is in charge of testing and inspecting large bird supplies.  Hatched in 1996, Peachy takes his responsibilities of testing bird supplies very seriously. Notice how he attentively inspects this new foraging bird toy. scooterz Passionate about Parrots   Were Always on the Lookout for Quality Bird AccessoriesMika, our parrotlet, tests new bird supplies for little parrots.  Mika loves cooked bird food.  She recently tested out the Mini Scooter Z Bird Tent. This parrotlet loves it so much that she has two.  One in her bird cage and the other in her bird carrier.

How got started

My passion for animals, both pets and wild, has gone back for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always been crazy about animals, from my first pet goldfish, “Lipstick” to my 4-H show sheep, Inca, Scooter and Jasmine.  As a kid, I always loved dogs and cats.  Thank goodness I was raised on acreage!  But, I really fell in love with birds in the Mid-1990’s.

A common featherless baby Grackle had fallen out of its nest in a high perched pine tree.  Afraid that my dogs would injure or kill it, I took the baby bird inside and nursed it back to health, carefully hand-feeding that baby bird until it was ready to join its wild friends.  After the little bird flew off, I just had “empty nest” syndrome, missing it enough to become fascinated with birds.  I’d realized, just like you, that there was something really special about birds.

I got my first pet bird shortly afterward, Peanut, a common Cockatiel.  I learned everything I could about pet bird care, bird training, safe bird accessories and especially how birds live in the wild.  We now know that parrot enricment is huge. As my passion for parrots grew, my flock slowly grew to larger species including:

Bird Age Personality
Mika, Pacific parrotlet 6 Loves her love time, this territorial
Skeeter: Red-bellied Parrot 8 Very  mellow and smart,
Mandy: Orange Wing Amazon 9 Hand-off curious
Timmy: Timneh African Grey Parrot 9 Timid, engaging,
Sierra: Timneh African Grey Parrot 9
Smokey: Congo African Grey Parrot 15
Peachy: Moluccan Cockatoo 17 Peachy is the most mellow Moluccan I know of!


Finding Safe Bird Accessories

As my flock grew, I realized that meeting their safety, enrichment, play and feeding needs was not all that easy and that it was pretty expensive.  My local stores carried small, cheaply made bird accessories and stale diets.  And, worse, yet, finding expert help that took into account small birds versus large birds was disappointing.  That’s when I launched an online bird store!  That was in 1997! has grown a lot since then – into one of the best known bird accessory suppliers world-wide. Our team has grown, too:

Table: How our team helps YOU

  • Me
  • Karl
  • Expert copywriters – educators
  • Relationships with avian vets
  • Our birds are part of our team

Specialty Bird Accessories are a Niche

Using Bird accessories every day with multiple sized birds, we get a birds’ eye view on whether an individual product is durable, safe and interesting to birds.  We look at the trustworthiness of individual manufacturers to see if they make their bird accessories in a way that are bird friendly yet durable.  We rely on our own picky personal experience to choose the bird accessories that we offer our customers, not how much money we’d make selling it.

About Diane Burroughs

Diane Burroughs, founded in 1998. A bird lover who is owned by African Grey's, a Moluccan, a Parrotlet and a Red-Bellied Parrot, Diane is dedicated to improving the lives of pet birds with vet-approved parrot tested supplies and expert bird care articles.
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