Why Choose Parrots as Pets

Why Well Informed Choose Parrots as Pets

Parrots are very social

Parrots bond deeply with their caretakers

Every pet has its fun side and its difficult side. All pet’s have their pro’s and con’s.

The pro’s:  A well trained pet can be an endearing, loving companion. Research shows that people who have pets are healthier and happier.  Whatever the personality of a pet, it loves you more than you know.

The con’s: Every pet has its drawbacks. Dogs shed all over the house, chew stuff like shoes and even furniture and need consistent monitoring to not potty in the house.  Cat’s shed and then you’ve got litter box issues to contend with.  You’ve got to spend a lot of time and money to maintain aquarium tank.  And, parrots are known to be loud, messy, and cantankerous.

Truth is, you’ve got to choose which kind of pet you want based on how passionate you are about the particular species. But more importantly,  you’ve got to pick a parrot with the individual care-taking needs of the parrot species in mind.  Parrots bond for life so your decision is just as critical, if not more, for the parrot as it is to you.

But, what is it about parrots that fascinate people?  Parrots need a lot of special, potentially expensive care and are prone to developing some difficult behaviors without adequate attention and training.  Lot’s of people get a small parrot like a parakeet or a cockatiel without much thought about the care needs of the pet.  While smller birds are more affordable and have smaller cage requirements, they still need to be taught expected behaviors, handled daily and need bird toys, and a quality bird food diet.  Small birds can live 15 to 20 years making them a long term commitment.

It is not recommended to get medium to large parrot unless you carefully  research what it takes to socialize and stimulate a pet bird and whether you can commit for years of parrot care.  You’re bound to read reviews and comments about all the mess, cantankerous behavior, alarm clock morning wake ups, screaming, biting and even feather plucking.  But, parrots give a lot back to a positive relationship.

So, what makes a parrot a good pet for the informed parrot lover?

  • Smart – with positive bird training method’ sparrots can learn as much as any young kid
  • Emotional & intuitive – Parrots are very emotional and can perceive your emotions making them capable of providing reciprocal love.
  • Talking potential – Some parrots are capable of saying several phrases, even in context.  They also understand what is said to them.  Even if your parrot can’t articulate it’s thoughts, it can understand a lot of what you say.
  • Loyalty – parrots mate for life.  If you get a pet bird, it will bond to you, whether you have the skills to recognize it or not.
  • Longevity – well cared for parrots live a long time


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