Winter Bird Supplies for Parrots

Harsh Winter Weather Is Hard On Pet Birds

Harsh Winter Weather Is Hard On Pet Birds.

Can your parrot suffer from the winter blues? Sure! Just like we people tend to react to environmental stressors and holiday stressors, parrots do too. Parrots may benefit WINTER BIRD SUPPLIES . 

As I write, the Midwest U.S. is being pounded by a blustery winter storm, complete with lots of snow and brisk winds. And, the accompanying dry air. I’m chilled! My skin is dry and itchy. My throat nose is scratchy. It’s just plain uncomfortable for a summer person, like myself.

I’m prepared. I had the furnace checked. I’ve pulled out my flannels and my cozy winter robe. Got my warm, fuzzy slippers out of the box and I bought an electric throw.  I cleaned up the humidifier and put it in my bedroom.  But my skin is dry and itchy and so are my nostrils.  I’m still chilled to the bone and I’ll bet my parrots are miserable, too.

How Does Winter Affect Birds

Even though Smokey here is interested in the snow piling up on the deck, he is suffering from the effects of winter, too.  Birds are extremely prone to dry nasal passages, itchy skin and getting chilled! Dry nasal passages in particular leave your bird vulnerable to respiratory infections.  And, another thing about birds and winter is the very short days.

Winter Do’s & Don’ts For Bird Lovers

♥ To start off, keep your bird cage and bird room especially clean in the winter and watch the fumes from household cleaners, Teflon and even the fireplace.  Like I pointed out above, your bird is more prone to respiratory infections in the winter.  The last thing you want to do is have to take your sick bird to the vet in on a snowy, chilly day.

♥ Keep the bird room humidity up.  Get some bird safe plants in your bird room.  Water them and mist them regularly to help keep the bird room humidity up.  Humidifiers are great too, but remember to change the water daily and clean the inside and filter a minimum of weekly to avoid spewing nasty bacteria all over your bird room.  AviVera, a bird formulated Aloe Vera Spray relieves itchy skin.

♥ Install a Heated Bird Perch or a Snuggle Up Cage Warmer.  If you use the perch, make sure that your bird has other perches to choose from.  These devices allow your bird to literally snuggle up to a source of warmth on an as needed basis.

♥ Regulate lighting.  The more North you get, the shorter the days.  Your bird needs about 11-12 hours of daylight and about 12 hours of darkness to maintain its body chemistry and safe hormone levels.  A Full Spectrum Bird Light on a timer will help you a lot.  Make sure that your bird can’t get to the cords on heated perch or the bird light.  Try converting a PVC Pipe to hide cords.♦

Thank goodness for Winter Bird Supplies. Visit to learn how to help your parrot cope with the Winter Blues. You’ll find a plethora of bird supplies to help most sized parrots feel warm and fuzzy this winter. From the Thermo Perch Heated Bird Perch, to parrot Feather Hoodies, Bird Bathing Supplies and Bird Lights.

Help fellow bird lovers and comment about how you keep your bird warm in the winter.

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