Parrots and Art: Parrot Totems

parrots and artI was browsing Twitter and Facebook recently looking for parrots and art stuff and came across an entire thread on animal totems.  A totem is an actual or mythical animal species that you form a spiritual connection with. Totems support kinship and remind people of their ancestory.  And, while we American’s liken Totems to the Native American culture, similar totem-like beliefs have been historically present throughout much of the world, including Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa, Australia and the Arctic polar region.

Did you know that animal totems offer spiritual guidance? To best understand the lessons conveyed by animals that show up in our lives involves us learning their instinctual behaviors and natural habitats.
According to, Phylameana lila Desy,, Birds in general are survivalists. They will first choose flight over fight. They instinctively know that fighting is a dangerous endeavor. Whereas flight is avoiding trouble: possible injury or death. Birds have superb reflexes. They teach us awareness and adaptability. Birds represent the air element and are also teachers of proper breathing.
parrots and artParrots and art in particular convey meanings and messages of a sunny outlook, color, interpreter, diplomacy. Learn more about parrot totems at

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