Bird Rescue Professionals supports bird rescue

Lucky unwanted birds end up in quality bird rescues that rehabilitate them so they can find a forever home.

Supporting Parrots in Rescues and Parrot Sanctuaries.

Unfortunately, more and more parrots are in need of rescue, world-wide.  People purchase a pet bird, whether a small Cockatiel or an expensive yet challenging Macaw, without a clear understanding of the intense care that pet birds need, nor a real life-long commitment.  You’ve probably heard their stories ad naseum.  Sure, peoples lives change but the majority of birds that end up in rescues are from ill informed people who were hoping for a low or no maintenance talking pet that doesn’t exist. supports your dedication and care for parrots in need of rehabilitation, long-term care or a new forever home.  Diane Burroughs, of has toured bird rescue facilities and listened to the heartbreaking stories of abandonned and mistreated parrots.  I want to give back!

As a supplier of quality bird supplies and bird care products, I’ve carved a niche of providing only trusted, safe, parrot-tested bird supplies and developing easy to understand, yet frank bird care articles to my readers. I  strive to provide valuable and respected bird care information and I strive to carry vet approved, bird tested products, that I, as an avid bird lover would use with my precious flock. I differentiate myself from some of other online bird stores because I do not offer each and every bird supply on the market.  I offer products that improve the lives of parrots and their people.  I’ve got several birds and if I would not use a product  because it is cheap, unsafe and impractible, I won’t put it on my site.  I want to remove any  hassle of bird care by only offering safe, useful, bird friendly parrot tested products.

I’ve strongly supported parrot adoption and I refuse to sell bird breeding supplies.   I hope that by doing so, I support people who are as passionate about parrots as I am.

I know those problems do not have to be as severe if people have good quality bird supplies and access to useful, easy to implement bird care articles help them have a successful relationship with their parrot. want to support you in your parrot care and rehabilitation efforts and in educating new parrot parents.

Your feedback about what your needs are is important to me.  I’d love to explore ways to assist you with obtaining quality bird supplies, training potential parrot parents and getting the word out about adoption events and effective bird training opportunities.

Some of the bird rescues that we’ve worked with in the past are:

The Gabriel Foundation

Dee’s Haven


I hope you will find this to be a convenient way to show your support for parrots.


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