Parrot Mountain and Gardens

Have you heard of Parrot Mountain & Gardens located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee?  I’d love to go!  They advertise that Parrot Mountain is 4 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens with hundreds of tropical birds housed in English Cottage style aviaries.

Racoon123 writes on TripAdvisor:

My Husband , myself and some friends were vacationing in Gatlinburg The week of Oct 10th. and were looking for things to do. We were at a craft fair when a really nice guy commented on my husbands Macaw t shirt he had on . He told him about Parrot Mountain so we decided to check it out. My Husband was truly in heaven He fell in love with the birds. Hundreds of beautiful parrots and etc. Not only the beautiful birds but the place. Full of flowers and statues , benches etc. You truly felt a sense of peace there. After arriving we found out the guy we talked to was the owner. Thank you so much for opportunity to experience such a sense of beauty and peace.



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