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Super Stocking Stuffer Parrot Gifts for Under $10

Santa Claus is coming to town! So, don’t forget to get your parrots gifts.  Here are our recommendations for favorite parrot gifts for under $10!  These parrot gifts make great stocking stuffers. Whether your parrot has been naughty or nice, it deserves a holiday stocking packed with parrot favorites.

  1. Bird Foot Toys make cool gifts for parrots that pick stuff up with their feet. Bird Foot Toys come in many styles and sizes and are often made from textures that captivate pet birds.  These small bird toys provide lots of excitement for a modest little price.
  2. Raw Pumpkin Seeds or Pine Nuts are both yummy and crunchy making them a perfect stocking stuffer for parrots. Not only that, these nutrition packed seeds and nuts are good for your bird and provide fun foraging opportunities.
  3. Foraging Bird Toys Foraging is a natural behavior that requires a bird to search and problem solve how to obtain food.  Foraging physically and mentally engages birds reducing unwanted behaviors and keeping your bird healthy.
  4. Natra Pet Bird Bathis a natural herbal bird bath spray that soothes dry, itchy skin and prevents excessive molting. Not only will your pet bird feel more comfortable, you’ll experience a cleaner environment, too with reduced dust and dander.
  5. Talking Bird Toys Everyone loves to be around a talking parrot and talking bird toys help facilitate speech. Once a bird learns how to activate perky vocalizations on talking bird toys it has a new friend!

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