Parrot Gifts Stocking Stuffers for Under $20

Parrot Gifts

Stocking Parrot Gifts

Parrot Gifts | Stocking Stuffers for under $20

This holiday gift guide will help you pick out some great stocking stuffer’s gifts for parrots and parrot lovers.  Well socialized parrots love the high spirits of the holiday season and wonder if they will get parrot gifts.  Bring your parrots in on the celebration by getting them a few stocking stuffer’s this holiday season.

  1. Bird Foot Toys are a great affordable parrot gifts for small through large parrots.  Just make sure that the parrot hold items in it’s foot. With so many styles of bird foot toys, you’ll be able toy buy a couple of entertaining parrot gifts that will entertain the bird on your list for under $20
  2. Raw Pumpkin Seeds  are an inexpensive yet nutritional bird treat that can be put in the food dish or hidden in foraging bird toys.  Raw Pumpkin Seeds have unbelievable nutritional benefits making them an ideal bird treat for small to large parrots making them great parrot gifts for small through large birds.
  3. Harrison’s Bird Food:  #1 Vet Recommended Harrison’s Organic Bird Food is an organic pelleted bird food that has a crunchy, nutty flavor.  Buy a 1 lb. bag and start converting your bird to the best bird food available. ( for tips on converting your bird to the healthiest diet available.
  4. Train Your Parrot to Talk DVD teaches the viewer how to teach parrots to talk.  Everyone loves a talking parrot and this straightforward DVD breaks it down in easy steps. Gee, is this a parrot gift or a parrot lover gift?
  5. Foraging Bird Toys make parrots really think about how to solve a puzzle get treats and toys.  Foraging bird toys provide much needed mental stimulation to counteract bird boredom, a common cause of bird behavior problems.  This is a parrot gift that doesn’t stop giving.
  6. Music or Parrot Talking CD’s provide entertaining, perky phrases or music for parrots.  Put in your CD and hit repeat on the phrases you want your parrot to learn.
  7. Natra Pet Bird Bath is a must have for pet birds, especially in the winter.  This Alovera based bird bath wash away dust and dander while the natural preening oils it moisturizes skin.
  8. Babble Ball Talking Bird Toys.  Birds quickly learn how to activate perky vocalizations on Babble Ball talking bird toys to provide hours of entertainment!


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