Parrot Confuses Crowd

Straight from January 21, 2009

A football match between Hatfield Town and Hertford Heath fell into chaos, we report, when a parrot that a woman in the crowd had brought along imitated the referee’s whistle, with devastating accuracy. Fortunately, the smooth running of the sport as a whole is not threatened, since the proportion of fans accompanied by parrots remains low. So, once in a while, normally dumb animals are a useful reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.”

Huh? This reporter just doesn’t know parrots! Anyone who understands the intelligence of parrots knows that this parrot figured out how to lead the “football flock” possibly faster than many of the attendee’s.

Parrots thrive on mental stimulation. And, like people, they use their senses of hearing and vision to figure out patterns. Patterns of the world’s processes. The owner of this lucky parrot was providing important enrichment for her pet. How can you do the same for your parrot?


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