Parrot Care Tips for the Holidays

by Diane Burroughs
Make sure that your special parrot has a safe, fun holiday. Just as Christmas can be unsafe for children, we must be careful with our parrots, too. Christmas isn’t only stressful for us, it’s stressful for our parrots who rely on routine! Our routines often change dramatically during the holiday season. Parties, friends over, our to do list gets longer. And, on top of that, we often make dramatic changes around the house! It’s enough to make a parrot go batty!

So, how can you help your parrot stay sane and safe? Remember a few tips:

  • Watch the scents: Candles, cleaning products, deodorizers etc. can be difficult on a parrots delicate lung system. While we’re talking about scents, make the guests smoke outside, please.
  • Careful with the cords: If your parrot jumps off it’s stand and walks the floor, make sure it can’t get to electric cords. Oh, don’t forget the tinsel and wrapping paper.
  • Christmas Plants: Poinsettia’s and Holly are poison to kids and parrots. Stick with plastic or silk plants!
  • Watch the Ribbon: Two words. Strangution. Intestinal obstruction. Opps. Guess that’s three words.
  • Watch what drinks you serve: Hot chocolate, alcohol, even egg nog are not parrot friendly drinks. Don’t tempt your parrot with sweets or fatty foods, either. Not good for the digestive system. Stick with veggies and fruit, please.
  • TEFLON: As always, use it with EXTREME caution and only under direct supervision. And, please don’t fire up the self-cleaning function on your oven if you have a bird in the house.
  • Clip those wings: With lots of people coming and going, make sure that your parrot can not fly out an open door or window.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good flight opps – night!

Help fellow bird lovers and comment about how you keep your parrot safe during the holidays.

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