Parakeet Sized Bird Harness

Parakeet sized Bird Diaper has an optional leash for use outside.

Parakeet sized Bird Diaper has an optional leash for use outside.

By Diane Burroughs

We often have customers ask us if there is a parakeet sized bird harness or bird leash for very small pet birds like a parrotlet or a budgie.  I’ve not found a true harness in a size small enough for these petite birds.  My thoughts on the matter are that not only is thin, strong webbing hard to find, it is even more difficult to stitch together and into a tiny bird leash.  Furthermore, finding attaching hardware that won’t rub a petite bird’s torso is next to impossible.  That said, the Petite Sized Bird Diaper, with an optional leash is the only product that I’ve found for very small pet birds.

For these reasons, please don’t try to alter a larger bird harness or bird leash.  Some people think that you can purchase a Cockatiel sized bird harness or leash and put it on a much smaller bird.  It just doesn’t seem safe nor comfortable for a tiny bird.

Bird Diaper Petite Size

Sized for Parakeets, Parrotlets and small Lovebirds, makes holding your feathered friend fun.

The Bird Diaper is a multi-use bird accessory that contains bird poop, keeps your bird warm, adds a ton of “cute factor” and features an optional, detachable bird leash.   Our 26 gm. Parrotlet, Mika tolerates us putting a Bird Diaper on her; however, we don’t use it routinely because the petite size is a little too big for her body.  I’m fearful that she’d wiggle out it and quickly flutter off.  If she weighed just a few more grams  for a correct fit, I’d feel comfortable that the strip of Velcro attaching the leash to the Bird Diaper were substantial enough to keep her close.  That is, after testing it several times in the safety of the house.

Since I can’t find a secure bird leash or bird harness for Mika, I keep her in a bird carrier or a bird cage when she needs outside time.  She is never left unsupervised when she is outside. She still gets to enjoy the sunshine, but I’m comfortable that she can’t escape.

About Diane Burroughs

Diane Burroughs, founded in 1998. A bird lover who is owned by African Grey's, a Moluccan, a Parrotlet and a Red-Bellied Parrot, Diane is dedicated to improving the lives of pet birds with vet-approved parrot tested supplies and expert bird care articles.

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