Java Wood Perch

Compare Wood Perches

By Diane Burroughs Wood perches are considered the best perch for all sized pet birds, from Canaries to Large Macaw’s.  We aren’t talking about dowel perches, here.  Dowel perches have a consistent diameter across the length of the perch. Branch style wood perches, though, are actually cut from bird safe shrubs or trees and fitted […]

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parakeet leash

Parakeet Sized Bird Harness

By Diane Burroughs We often have customers ask us if there is a parakeet sizedbird harness or bird leash for very small pet birds like a parrotlet or a budgie.  I’ve not found a true harness in a size small enough for these petite birds.  My thoughts on the matter are that not only is […]

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Pet related iphone app

Pets+ iPhone App

By Diane Burroughs Pets+ iPhone App Stores Pet Information at Your Finger Tips We came across a cool new iPhone app that stores and manages your pets information and helps you to track it’s health. You can even create and set reminders about appointments.  Track your pets gender, name, weight, breed or species, birth date […]

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How to Clean A Bird Cage for Medium to Large Parrots

Medium to large parrots are very messy pets, both inside of their bird cage and surrounding area.  For one thing, those beautiful feathers are down right messy.  Keeping up with feather dust, floating feather sheath, and dander is one thing. But, more than that, birds love to toss bird food and chew up bird toys […]

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How to clean a bird cage

How to Clean a Bird Cage for Small Birds

By Diane Burroughs So.  You’ve got a small parrot and you’re wondering how to clean a bird cage.  Cockatiels, parakeets, parrotlets and lovebirds are precious but messy pets.  Dogs & cats shed but they aren’t seriously messy eaters.  You can throw blankets in the washer and vacuum a bit more than usual with a do. […]

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