parrotlet bird toys

Best Parrotlet Bird Toys

Pretty, precocious and extremely social parrotlets might be small but they have a big appetite for small parrotlet bird toys. The trouble is finding small bird toys full of gusto.  Little plastic wheels and woobly penguins that attach to a perch are not clever enough for our bright, miniature parrotlets. Parrotlets love to preen, nibble […]

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african grey toys

Best New African Grey Toys for 2013

By Diane Burroughs We’ve found three new medium sized bird toys that African Grey Parrots and similar sized birds will love.  We want to help you choose bird toys that your medium sized parrot is likely to use. What makes a good African Grey or sized bird toy? Size: If you watch your medium parrot […]

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Bird Sitter Checklist Form2

By Diane Burroughs Basic bird care Safety bird door feeder intact insure fresh food and water at least once daily insure bird cage paper is changed daily Better bird care: hold bird on shoulder as you go about household paper cleaning and disposal 2 daily visits insuring misting and or bathing of dusty parrots humidity […]

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Java wood perch

Passionate about Parrots – We’re Always on the Lookout for Quality Bird Accessories

By Diane Burroughs Here at we’re passionate about parrots and it shows in everything we do.  For instance, our most recent customer survey in February 2013 was a testament.  We frequently like to make sure that we are offering safe, useful bird accessories that are easy to buy online:  the bird accessories that you’d […]

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Alex the Parrot knew colors, size, matter and more

Insight into the African Grey Parrot Intellect

by Phil Samuelson, Guest Blogger Back in the early 1990s when I was an editor on a popular national bird magazine, I attended the American Federation of Aviculture annual convention in San Diego. One of the lectures I was looking forward to was about keeping and breeding African grey parrots, a species I had kept […]

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