Java Play Stands: Tray Maintenance

How to Clean a Bird Cage

Peachy on his Java Bird Stand

We’ve owned Java Play Stands for 5 +years.  Our African Grey Parrots, Amazon and Cockatoo have used our Java Play Stands on a daily basis.  That’s 5 birds! Sometimes 3 birds are on one bird stand.  This bird stand is hands down, the best, most enriching bird stand we know of.  A real tree opposed to branches screwed together withstands bird use over the years.  Unfortunately, the plywood base has been a problem.  When used as a tray for bird stands, plywood absorbs acidic moisture and the varnish is not durable enough to withstand bird poop acids.

However, realistically, any one who is handy can refurbish the bird stand base to withstand several years of pressure washing washing off bird poop off of Java Play Stands. Gosh, when you pay for this awesome bird stand plus the crazy shipping costs, you want it to last a long, long time!!  We hope our changes last the life of our parrots.

We originally thought that applying premium grade self-adhesive panels would do the trick.  Not so much!  Spray washing the bird poop off allowed water to seep into the tile joints –  which then peeled up allowing bird food, bird poop and fungus and bacteria to thrive.  These bird trays need to withstand acidic bird poop, crumbs that catch in vinyl tile joints and expand when wet and have a corrosion proof finish.  The vinyl tiles were a literal bacteria trap!

coat your java play stand tray with rubber paint

Coat the tray on your Java Play Stand

We’ve got several birds with lots of acidic bird poop that needs to be washed off weekly.  So … here is our new affordable experiment for our Java Play Stand Trays.   Spray several coats of Plasti Dip Rubberized Spray Paint onto the base and into the side joints of the bird stand tray.  Several coats.  Sort of a Rhino Coating like you see on the beds of pick up trucks.

It took us one afternoon to sand the varnish finish off of the tray and apply at least four coats of spray on rubberized paint to the Java Play Stand tray base.  The cost was about $26.00 for two bird stands. We applied Johnson’s Furniture Wax to sides and bottom.  The black finish matched the wood nicely.  And, if the product doesn’t withstand the test of time on our bird play stands, we can scrape or peel it off.

Please Note: Never allow your parrot to chew the Plasti-Dip coated tray.


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