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About Parrots and Evacuation

About Parrots and Evacuation

After our horrific  2012 Colorado Springs fire summer of having to evacuate our own flock of parrots and dogs at,  we get the fear that hurricane “ISAAC” is creating in the Caribbean and East coast.  Our hearts especially go out to Haiti and surrounding islands.  Last night, I wondered about how the Puerto Rican Amazon parrot was fairing and how wild birds manage 100 mile an hour winds while it is literally raining sheets of water.

Maybe, it is fate that we’ve been asked to assist a parrot named Peter in case he must evacuate his home.  Peter is a Mexican Redhead Amazon Parrot.  I don’t know what you know about Amazon Parrots, but they are incredibly endearing and a bit on the fiesty side. Peter’s Parronts are so smart to give themselves a few days planning time to insure a safe, quick parrot evacuation.

Evidently, Peter the Amazon Parrot is lucky enough to have a guardian angel associated with International Bird Rescue.  Peter must have touch hearts beyond his Louisiana borders.  This organization not only rescues wild birds of all species but they spread the word about our domestic parrots plight and that of their family.

Did you know that the majority of parrots in the pet trade industry may flourish in the pet trade, while their wild cousins are endangered?  Well, potentially flourish.  Just ask any parrot rescue if people really get that many parrots are endangered, with incredibly unique personalities – just like people.  Lot’s of people adopt a cute baby parrot only to learn that they haven’t studied bird training techniques nor fully understood what they had signed up for.

Bird Conservation

About Wild Birds and Bird Conservation

Parrots aren’t the only birds that are endangered.  Birds are considered to potentially be among a flock of a massive extinction.  Not just parrots but soft bills and peregrine’s, as well.  These birds are loosing their habitats, not their cage.  Please consider assisting International Bird Rescue or any other rescue organization to spread the word that we can’t let our feathered friends become extinct.

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