IATA Compliant Bird Carriers for Airline Travel

Dear Gabby,

I’m getting ready to ship my parrot to Fairbanks Alaska from Los Angeles and need information on where to buy a FAA bird carrier and any advice on how to make Betito’s trip a less stressful.

Thanks, Maria


There are two excellent IATA compliant carriers that I’d recommend. It depends on whether the bird will travel in the aircraft cabin or in the cargo section of the plane.

For in cabin, my favorite bird carrier is the Cabin Kennel. This bird carrier fits under the seat of the plane. I recommend the the Wingabago Bird Carrier with Stainless Steel Door  for cargo travel. This is a heavy duty bird carrier that meets all of IATA requirements. You can find both of these bird carriers at BirdSupplies.com As a matter of fact, this wonderful company offers specialized bird carrier fitting advice and will even insert the perch for you.

Thanks, GabbyBird

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