Peachy’s Gone Nuts! Foraging Bird Toys

Don’t be alarmed! Peachy just got a new foraging bird toy from Fun Max. Of course, Peachy always jubilantly volunteers to test out new bird supplies before we place it on

Gone Nuts Foraging Bird Toy

Gone Nuts Foraging Bird Toy

Foraging Bird Toys are refillable, foraging toy for parrots.  Made from 100% cotton rope, vegetable leather, and peanuts, this 5″ x 4″ bird toy is great for medium to large parrots that love to forage and untie knots. Leather patches have holes that reveal peanuts. But, your parrot has to think and work in order to get at the treats!

To refill, just untie the cotton rope and place nuts inside this foraging bird toy.

What’s so great about this foraging bird toy, you ask?  It makes your parrot forage!  Foraging is when your parrot has to use it’s natural, inate behaviors to get at a desired item.  In the wild, parrots have to literally problem solve in order to get a meal.  With Go Nuts, your parrot has to problem solve how to get the peanuts.  Untie knots, squeeze peanuts through the holes, etc.  Wanna make it harder?  Get some stainless steel screws and nuts at your local hardware store for your parrot manipulate.   Or, put a larger, harder shelled nut inside!

We suggest that you purchase extra leather strips if your parrot is like Peachy who loves chomping through leather.

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