Make Foraging Bird Toys

Make a fun foraging toy for your parrot in five minutes or less!  We used a gallon milk jug with a screw on cap for our large Moluccan, Peachy.  We have used empty Coke cans and cereal boxes, too.  We’ve found that when our parrot watches us “load” the container, he becomes more interested.

Peachy played with this toy for over an hour before finally figuring out that he had to chew the bottom to get the treats!  Usually he grabs the container handle and turns it upside down so that the treats fall in his mouth.

Always supervise your parrots play when you give him items that require chewing but that can’t be digested.  And, only use clean food containers, never containers that have contained chemicals or cleaning products.


About Diane Burroughs

Diane Burroughs, founded in 1998. A bird lover who is owned by African Grey's, a Moluccan, a Parrotlet and a Red-Bellied Parrot, Diane is dedicated to improving the lives of pet birds with vet-approved parrot tested supplies and expert bird care articles.

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