Amazing Flighted Amazon Feels Enriched

Mandy is a happy parrot

Mandy is a happy parrot

Mandolina was so happy today! And, we’re happy for her. We love our shy little girl.

We have a giant bird room down stairs for seven sweet parrots. Our parrots come out each day on a schedule. Mandy and Peachy come out from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. Mandy loves to fly from her bird stand to her 18″ Double Ring Rope (Hanging Orbiter), back to her cage, or onto my out-stretched arm while I’m working. Mandy can land, turn on a dime, and guide herself to exactly where she wants to go. She loves to follow me around the downstairs family room.
Mandy took a giant step today, though. Our flighted, bright eyed Amazon took the risk and dared to fly upstairs to join her human flock. (Could have been the NASCAR race in Daytona. She loves Jr. #88.) Of course, she was rewarded with an apple slice and grapes!
Our little Mandy gal gained a bunch of self confidence in order to take that risk. Mandy can be little skitish but she took a huge risk today. Her eyes show her joy and self confidence. Her plummage is full and her chirps are sweet. I swear, experienced parrot people can tell when their parrots smile, and Mandy is a happy parrot as I celebrate her new skill.
We’ve been using an Aviator Bird Harness to let Mandy fly safely outside.  Not only does this bird harness offer her enriching experience and exercise, but Mandy feels more self confident when she can fly.
Did you know that Orange Winged Amazons have sort of a Hawk Headed Parrot Nape when they are happy or content? Mandy loves showers on her shower perch and always raises her nape for a bunch of scritches. So today, after her huge success, she is sitting at the dining room table, chirping – showing her self confidence and contentment. She does a little trill for me and says “Maaaaandeeeee!”
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