4 Tips for Evacuating Parrots in the next Superstorm

Assemble a Parrot Evacuation Kit

This past week of Hurricane Sandy has certainly been scary for everyone.  If you’re a real parrot lover,  than you know the sense of panic that sets in when faced with evacuating parrots.  We had to evacuate 7 parrots in the Summer of 2012 and we’ve done a lot of research on how to prepare for the next evacuation.  The key to a successful parrot evacuation is to plan ahead.

    • Document Parrot ID:  Microchip your parrot for permanent identification.  Don’t forget to register the number with an agency such as AKCCAR, AVID or PETtrac that keeps databases of pet information for pets that have microchips.  Check out the Pet Microchip Lookup site.  Record micro chip #, leg band # and take a picture of your pet. Microchipping your pet is relatively painless and quick at your veterinarian’s office.  Make sure to include pictures of your pet and an up close picture of the leg band for proof of ownership.
  • Prepare a Parrot Emergency Kit: Basics include bird food, a portable bird stand, cleaning supplies, bird first aid kit, paper towels and a few shreddable or chewable bird toys. Towels are helpful.  Your bird will already be stressed with the evacuation, so try to keep everything as close to your normal routine as possible.

Small Pet Birds May wish to evacuate in their own cage.

  • Keep Your Bird Carrier Ready:  If you live in an area with weather related disasters, have your bird carrier assembled and stocked with bird perch and bowls.  Ideally, your bird should have time to become desensitized to the bird carrier and to car travel.  Make sure to label the bird carrier with your parrots name, your name, two telephone numbers and your vets name.
  • Generate a List of Hotels, Shelters and friends that Allow Parrots: Know where your local shelters are.  Get a list of pet friendly hotels within a 25-50 mile radius, put them in your GPS or tablet and try to call ahead.  Even if a hotel doesn’t take pets, they may bend the rules if you let them know your situation.  We even got a discount!


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