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Jazzy's Missing Pet Poster

7 Valuable Lessons from an Almost Lost Pet

By Diane Burroughs I learned a valuable lesson from an “almost” lost dog last night. ¬†Albeit a sleepless, tense night. My little 6 year old Chihuahua, Jasmine, went missing at 9:30 last night. I had been working on the website a little later than usual and got up to let the dogs out at about […]

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Manzanita Wood Perch

Bird Perches to Suit Every Need

By Diane Burroughs A pet bird needs a good perch, or preferably bird perches. It’s mandatory equipment for a proper parrot cage. After all, the perch is where a bird will spend the vast majority of its time. Bird owners should shop carefully for the best choice(s) available for the species they own. The first […]

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What You Should Know about African Grey Parrots

Talking biting, dust, dietary requirements

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What You Should Know about Cockatoo’s and Dusty Parrots

Repiratory Dust long tail noise level behavioral issues That beautiful crest

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4 Tips to Survive Winter With Parrots

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