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Most parrots are hormonal once a year when nests are dry and food is abundant

Hormonal Parrots: How Parrot Food Affects Hormones

Did you know that some popular parrot foods and treats induce hormonal behavior and aggression in your pet? When a bird has access to a diet rich in protein, minerals and healthy fats and a perceived pampering mate and nesting site its body becomes hormonal.  And, anyone who’s felt “hormonal” knows that hormones have noticeable […]

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nesting behavior in pet birds

Hormones, Nest Seeking and Aggression in Parrots

The Search for a Suitable Nesting Cavity (bird soliciting courtship) Have you found your bird hiding out in small, dark places?  If other in home conditions including lighting and diet are just right, your bird may be looking for a nesting spot. Their hormonal clock may already be thrown off with lack of sleep and […]

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hormonal behavior in parrots

Understanding Hormonal Behavior in Parrots: Part 1

There are a number of things that work together to trigger reproductive behavior in our birds. Birds that are experiencing hormonal behavior become territorial and aggressive.  This is probably not the behavior you imagined when you adopted your bird. When all of the conditions are just right a birds hormones begin to flow.  So, when […]

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Learn about giving your bird the freedom of flight

Learn About The Freedom of Flight

Check out this video clip for the new documentary, The Freedom of Flight! Looks Awesome! Bird Tricks writes: “I’m excited to announce that on Monday we are releasing our new DVD. It’s called, The Freedom of Flight, a documentary look inside the lives of a handful of our clients lives as we take them through […]

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Teach your parrot to wear a bird harness

The Bird Harness – A Better Way to Exercise Your Bird

By Diane Burroughs Across the divide of the Atlantic, there has been a topic that creates heated debate, and it goes something like this. A pet bird is a very fragile animal, and, apart from the possibility of it getting sick from common household contaminants, the risk of your bird flying away and getting injured, […]

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