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costs of owning a bird

Gabriel Foundation

Are you about parrots? Explore the parrot adoption, re-homing option available from quality parrot rescue organizations such as The Gabriel Foundation. Read our review of The Gabriel Foundations bird supplies and about their care for needy parrots.

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Animals Have Feelings

Just two amazing creatures who manage to overlook their immense differences…..What a beautiful story.

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Talking Amazon Parrot Drives Family Crazy!

Everyone loves a talking parrot but Cheryl, of the UK, has reported that the family Amazon Parrot that was handed down from her great grandmother is driving her crazy. It is, essentially, a ghost whisperer! “He does all these voices of dead people from our family. The bird must be 80 – 90 years old […]

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Parrot Conservation and The Kakapo Parrot of NZ

Help save the Kakapo Parrot by making a Paypal donation to NOW!

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Parrot Mountain and Gardens

Have you heard of Parrot Mountain & Gardens located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee?  I’d love to go!  They advertise that Parrot Mountain is 4 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens with hundreds of tropical birds housed in English Cottage style aviaries. Racoon123 writes on TripAdvisor: My Husband , myself and some friends were vacationing in Gatlinburg […]

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