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Parrot Rescue: Why Birds End Up Being Relinquished

By Diane Burroughs Thousands of parrots are living in a parrot rescue awaiting a forever home right now.  A couple of reasons come to mind about why so many parrots end up in a parrot rescue before age five. IMPULSE: Baby parrots are incredibly captivating and adorable! Inquisitive, playful, tolerant and fun. Baby parrots crave […]

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Rehomed parrots make great pets for the well informed

Rehoming a Parrot Through Adoption

By Diane Burroughs Did you know that in the U.S., pets are considered personal property to buy and sell at will? Even parrots, many species which are on the CITIES Endangered Species List.  Rehoming a dog or a cat happens all the time.  Rehoming parrots is becoming a serious concern for our feathered friends. Rehoming […]

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amazon with millet

Amazon Parrot with Millet


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Bird Conservation

International Bird Rescue Operation Chooses

After our horrific  2012 Colorado Springs fire summer of having to evacuate our own flock of parrots and dogs at,  we get the fear that hurricane “ISAAC” is creating in the Caribbean and East coast.  Our hearts especially go out to Haiti and surrounding islands.  Last night, I wondered about how the Puerto Rican […]

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About Parrots Rights

Jane Velez-Mitchell AND Animal Rights

I’ve had horrible insomnia since pre-school.  For some reason, I need to tune out the ordinary household sounds and the worries of the day with T.V. at night.  So, I turn HLN on the T.V. at night and listen to Nancy Grace’s quest toward justice, Joyce Baher’s comedic ramblings and Jane Velez-Mitchell’s emotionally charged stance […]

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