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signs of breathing distress.

Is My Bird Breathing Right?

While surprisingly robust on the whole, birds seem fragile because they only show illness when they are in dire straits. But, if you’ve ever wondered, “is my bird breathing right? then, read on. Birds instinctively hide their injuries and illnesses as a survival mechanism.  If a wild bird acts sick, its own flock-mates will literally […]

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Feather plucking and self mutlilation

The Perplexing Behavior Of Self Mutilating Parrots

It’s never been shown that birds in the wild self mutilate and feather pluck. Only domestic birds. Why is self mutilating parrots a  captive bird problem? We don’t really know. Theories abound, but nobody has conclusively proved any of their theories. What we do know is that having a beautiful Cockatoo or an African Grey […]

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Red Palm Oil is very nutritious for parrots

Red Palm Oil for Parrots

Red Palm Oil has received a “bad rap” on some blogs lately, but many avian vets encourage using this nutritious oil to supplement your birds diet, when used as directed.  I don’t know about you, but I trust my Avian Vet to be very knowledgeable about my birds’ nutrition requirements and the effects of good, […]

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How to Give Your Bird CPR

Did you know that it’s possible to give your bird CPR in an emergency? It seems obvious to me now in retrospect, but when I first found out that it was possible I was both surprised and a little reassured. While it’s not something that I ever want to have to do, just like human […]

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parrot health

D-R-O-P Approach for Bird Burns

A common parrot accident is bird burns.  Painful liquid, chemical & electric burns require immediate attention. Discover important advice to save your bird.  Burns are very serious and extremely painful.  A burned bird needs immediate veterinary care to minimize shock, manage pain and prevent secondary infections. If your bird has suffered a burn – take […]

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