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How to keep your bird cool in the summer

Hot tips to Keep Your Bird Cool this Summer!

Birds are amazing creatures, intelligent, affectionate, fun, playful and… very susceptible to shock from injury or relatively small changes in their environment. That’s why knowing how to keep your bird cool in a heat wave is an important part of bird care! If you thought of them as a highly tuned sports Nascar you wouldn’t […]

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costs of owning a bird

5 Things To Think About Before Buying A Bird.

By Diane Burroughs Birds are the possibly the most underestimated pets that you can own. Not just from the point of view of how friendly, affectionate, clever, funny and surprising they can be, but also because of the “hidden” costs of buying a bird that just don’t seem to register on most people’s radar before […]

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bird sleep needs

Better Bird Care: A Good Nights Sleep

By Diane Burroughs When you think about bird care, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that your bird gets enough sleep.  The pet store probably told you to consider your birds diet and its cage when caring for your pet. And, while these elements of bird care are […]

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Learn about giving your bird the freedom of flight

Learn About The Freedom of Flight

Check out this video clip for the new documentary, The Freedom of Flight! Looks Awesome! Bird Tricks writes: “I’m excited to announce that on Monday we are releasing our new DVD. It’s called, The Freedom of Flight, a documentary look inside the lives of a handful of our clients lives as we take them through […]

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hormonal behavior in parrots

How To Clip A Parrots Wings

By Phil Samuelson Early one windy evening I heard a knock at my door and opened it to find a group of neighborhood kids. “You own parrots, right?” one of the children asked. With all of the piercing parrot noises coming out of my house on a regular basis, I’m sure everyone who lived nearby […]

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