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How to Clean A Bird Cage for Medium to Large Parrots

Medium to large parrots are very messy pets, both inside of their bird cage and surrounding area.  For one thing, those beautiful feathers are down right messy.  Keeping up with feather dust, floating feather sheath, and dander is one thing. But, more than that, birds love to toss bird food and chew up bird toys […]

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How to clean a bird cage

How to Clean a Bird Cage for Small Birds

By Diane Burroughs So.  You’ve got a small parrot and you’re wondering how to clean a bird cage.  Cockatiels, parakeets, parrotlets and lovebirds are precious but messy pets.  Dogs & cats shed but they aren’t seriously messy eaters.  You can throw blankets in the washer and vacuum a bit more than usual with a do. […]

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Parrot Rescue: Why Birds End Up Being Relinquished

By Diane Burroughs Thousands of parrots are living in a parrot rescue awaiting a forever home right now.  A couple of reasons come to mind about why so many parrots end up in a parrot rescue before age five. IMPULSE: Baby parrots are incredibly captivating and adorable! Inquisitive, playful, tolerant and fun. Baby parrots crave […]

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Rehomed parrots make great pets for the well informed

Rehoming a Parrot Through Adoption

By Diane Burroughs Did you know that in the U.S., pets are considered personal property to buy and sell at will? Even parrots, many species which are on the CITIES Endangered Species List.  Rehoming a dog or a cat happens all the time.  Rehoming parrots is becoming a serious concern for our feathered friends. Rehoming […]

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Alex the Parrot knew colors, size, matter and more

Alex the Parrot and Parrot Intelligence

By Diane Burroughs Did you know that Parrots have been found to be as smart as a 4 to 5 year old child? Alex the parrot showed the world how smart animals are. Pioneering research from Dr. Irene Pepperberg at Brandeis University and and Harvard plus, researchers at the Universities of Vienna and Oxford have […]

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