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Java Bird Stands

Review of the Java Bird Stand

By Diane Burroughs We love the Java Bird Stand so much that we have one in our bird room right by Peachy’s cage and another in the basement.  Our birds love to exercise and climb all over these bird stands and we love the tree like configuration that has remained sturdy for years! The large […]

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Social, fun parrots love to get out.

Fun Parrots the Easy Way

By Diane Burroughs 25 + Ways to have fun parrots Use a bird leash. Teach your parrot bird tricks. Let your bird ride your bike handles with a leash on. Take your bird on hikes. Take your bird on vacation. Teach your parrot to fly. Encourage visitors to talk and pet your socialized bird. Teach […]

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Bring out the intelligence of birds with clicker training

Discover the Intelligence of Birds with Bird Training DVD’s

By Diane Burroughs Bird Training DVD’s not only help you discover the intelligence of birds, but they provide several functions for you, a pet parent, too like: Improved human, parrot relationship simply with quality time Your parrot learns to want to please you You learn to understand and appreciate your parrot Parrot enrichment and parrot […]

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The Percher saves fingers from a biting bird

Hormones and Rehoming Parrots

Do Hormones Contribute to Rehoming Parrots? By Diane Burroughs Parrots, like any pet, will mature and develop hormonal or seasonal behaviors.  Hormonal parrots strut, flat back and become more temperamental.  They are more territorial than usual, too, making the parrot difficult to handle.  Do hormones contribute to rehoming parrots or placing them for adoption? Seasonal […]

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The Intelligence of Birds

By Diane Burroughs Did you know that Parrots have been found to be as smart as a 4 to 5 year old child?  Pioneering research from Dr. Irene Pepperberg at Brandeis University and researchers at the Universities of Vienna and Oxford have shown astounding evidence about the intelligence of birds, specifically parrots. Dr Pepperberg has […]

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