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Wingabago Bird Carriers!

One word. Wow! Must have bird carrier. Why. Well, it’s more than a bird carrier. The Wingabago is a hospital cage, observation cage and more. Whether you have just one parrot or more than one parrot, there are times when you must have your parrot close, isolated, with close supervision. Used by many avian vets as a hospital cage, the Wingabago Bird Carrier is an important and necessary peice of equipment for parrot people. Plus, you can use it as a travel cage!

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parrot stands

Awesome Parrot Stands

All parrots need a bird stand. But, when you first get into parrots, ya gotta watch the budget. Caitec has you covered. Or say, you need a bird stand for the RV or boat. Well, this is it. If you’re like me, you’ve got a few bird stands. This is the bird stand for travelers or budget minded people. Check out affordable bird stands at

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Maybe NASA Should Buy Our Bird Harness… They won’t lose their tools on another spacewalk if they do!

By Diane Burroughs The following AP story about the astronauts on a spacewalk losing a bag of tools worth over $100,000 parallels the importance of letting your birds “safely take flight” without getting away from you. Compare The Feather Tether Bird Harness vs. Bird Diaper Click here to view the features of two styles of […]

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