Canary Care To Help My Bird Sing

By Diane Burroughs
canary care

Proper canary care is essential for a singing bird. We recommend a long, rectangular flight cage and never a round cage

Best Canary Care Advice?

Diet: Canaries need a suitable canary diet to maintain health and sing beautiful canary songs. Healthy male canaries sing splendid canary songs! Fresh, premium canary seed should provide the foundation of your canary’s diet. Vegetables, cooked rice, dark leafy green lettuce, cooked pasta, fruits, cuttlebone, crushed oyster shell and egg food are essential for a healthy canary, as well. And, of course, provide your canary with fresh water at all times.
Canary Housing:
Keep your canary’s cage clean to maintain optimum health. Droppings and food waste cultivate bacteria causing your canary to become ill. Develop a cage cleaning routine to keep your canary singing beautiful canary songs. The cage must be large enough to let your canary exercise; 15″ x 15″ should be a minimum sized canary cage. Place the cage in an area where the temperature will be consistently moderate and where your canary will be free from drafts.
Canaries need approximately 12 hours of sleep or dark, quiet time per day. Consider keeping your canary out of household traffic areas so that it will have enough quiet time.
Provide toys, but place them in the cage in such a way as they do not obstruct flight space. Your canary might enjoy swings, mirrors, bells, and hanging wooden or acrylic toys.
Song Training:
Canaries learn to sing through imitation. Canaries need to hear and learn canary songs in order to produce canary songs. Provide your canary with high quality recordings of canary songs to teach it canary songs. Remember, canaries won’t sing when they are ill, malnourished or molting.If you ever have any questions about how to care for your birds, let us know – we can help!

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