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Clicker training for birds

Bird Training Video’s and DVD’s recommend Clicker Training for Birds

By Diane Burroughs

Bird Training DVD’s not only help you discover your birds intelligence but they provide several functions for you, a pet parent, too like:

  • Improved human, parrot relationship simply with quality time
  • Your parrot learns to want to please you
  • You learn to understand and appreciate your parrot
  • Parrot enrichment and parrot self esteem reduce undesirable behaviors
  • Improved communication with your bird

Two bird training DVD series that capitalize on the learning style and intelligence of birds are the Fantastic Parrot Training DVD Set  and Good Bird, Inc. series.  These entertaining and informative bird training specialists can help you learn how to train a pet bird.  The Fantastic Performing Parrots Training DVD Series by Tani Robar.  While a little dated, in terms of photography, Tani Robar is right on about starting out simple and building upon success.

This 3 video series uses scientifically proven bird training methods that are positive and relationship building in nature.  Tani clearly explains the specific skills that each bird trick including its intended to purpose in terms of  building  upon your parrots thinking skill level.  Using a series of fun, easy to teach bird tricks you’ll discover the intelligence of birds while bonding with your parrot.  Fantastic Parrot Training DVD’s are divided into increasingly complex thinking skills:

Volume 2: Beginning Bird Tricks teaches your parrot (and you) how to learn.  It’s like the preschool of bird training reinforces attention, thus enabling your bird to learn more complex bird tricks.

Volume 3:  Intermediate Bird Tricks teaches your bird how to take a learning risk by performing multi-step bird tricks or even bird tricks that require some preliminary thinking skills

Volume 4: Advanced Bird Tricks helps you and your bird discover learning for fun!

A second highly acclaimed bird training DVD series are Good Bird Training DVD’s have world wide appeal because they are so user friendly.  Designed for the layman bird trainer, Barbara Heidenreich  literally walks you through bird training with a strong slant in terms of helping you capitalize on the intelligence of birds from how to help your very social, yet exotic pet integrate within a household and stay healthy and safe!  You’ll learn important bonding skills, how to read your birds body language so that you can actually communicate with it and life-saving bird training techniques to make life with your parrot easier.  In the mean time, you’ll develop a mutually satisfying deep bond with your pet bird that reduces innate and undesirable behaviors and helps you properly care for your parrot.

With all of these benefits, bird training with trick toys makes for a very worthwhile investment!  Bird trick toys may seem expensive but keep in mind that they are also reusable and they provide incredible bonding and enriching experiences over time.  Your bird will appreciate the positive, self-esteem rewarding attention of performing a trick or even “re-thinking” a particular trick over and over again. Trained birds make

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