costs of owning a bird

Gabriel Foundation

Are you about parrots? Explore the parrot adoption, re-homing option available from quality parrot rescue organizations such as The Gabriel Foundation. Read our review of The Gabriel Foundations bird supplies and about their care for needy parrots.

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Colorado Fires 2012

Personal experiences with parrot evacuation in Colorado Wildfires from

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Peachy with bird toys on a bird stand

Chronicles of Peachy: Accomodating Peachy’s Instinctual Needs

In Part One of this series, I talked about how I became smitten with Peachy but before bringing him home, I did my homework about the specific species prior to bringing Peachy home. Doing my homework prior to making a lifelong commitment is the foundation of the PARROT Pyramid model for successful pet birds – […]

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Be Prepared for Earl


Pre-Assembled Parrot Evacuation Kits As Hurricane Earl comes barreling down the East Coast, thousands of people, families and pets are preparing to head toward safer ground.  All the recent media coverage on Katrina’s 5 year anniversary keeps Mother Natures’ fury fresh in our minds. It’s time for a refresher on parrot evacuation. Worse yet, the […]

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Deter Feather Plucking with Bird Hoodie

Feather Sweaters for Feather Plucking Parrots!

Just in time for Fall and Winter weather, has reduced the price on several sizes of Parrot Feather Sweaters for Parrots. Not only cute as all get out, Parrot Feather Sweaters keep your pet bird warm AND deter feather plucking behavior. Some of our customers who have feather plucking parrots report that they sew […]

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