Bird Care Tips: Grim Reality of Self Cleaning Ovens for Parrots

Dangers of Cleaning Oven for Pet BirdsWho want’s a bunch of family coming over, cooking a bird, no less, with a crusty, dirty oven?  Most of us want our kitchen looking good before our holiday guests’ arrive.  But, bird care  means that you have to be cautious about self cleaning ovens.  They can easily kill your pet bird without proper ventilation.

Pet bird and parrot lovers know that cleaning the oven before the holidays can kill parrots.  Every time we have to clean our ovens we worry!  Oven cleaning can easily turn into a horrible gas chamber for our pet birds.

Self cleaning ovens work by heating the oven to high temperatures for 3-5 hrs. Teflon coating is used to prevent burnt food from sticking too much.  While self cleaning ovens lock for your safety for about half a day, your bird can experience breathing difficulties and even potential death unless it is in a well ventilated home.  A parrots sensitive respiratory system will experience oven cleaning fumes like death a gas chamber that it can’t escape from.  Is a clean oven worth your parrots life?

Teflon coatings create a chemical barrier that does not allow burnt food droppings to soak into the oven walls.  But, Teflon is heat sensitive. Overheated Teflon chemicals are thought to be carcinogenic to people, but KNOWN to be immediately deadly to birds.   Deadly, overheated Teflon fumes from cleaning your oven or stove top pots and pans last for a full day or more.  You may not be able to smell the fumes or experience breathing difficulties but your pet bird may die from them.  How is that?  Birds have to be able to effectively process oxygen and air in order to sustain flight.  They have superior yet extremely sensitive respiratory systems.  Fumes interfere with oxygen absorption and quickly suffocate your parrot.

What do you do?  Ask yourself:

  1. Can I SAFELY ventilate the house before embarking on oven cleaning cleaning duties, especially when the weather cold?
  2. Is a clean oven over the holiday’s worth my parrot’s life?
  3. Can I safely evacuate my parrot to a fresh, safe air source for at least 24 hrs. prior to turning on my self -cleaning oven on?  Your parrot’s sensitive respiratory system is extremely vulnerable to these undetecttible fumes.  Think of it as carbon dioxide poisoning.  Overheated Teflon fumes kill parrots.

Keep your precious parrot safe by diverting self-cleaning oven cleaning when you can put your bird in an area that is not attached to your home climate control system.  Say, if you can’t put your bird in the garage for 24 hrs. wait until spring to clean your oven.

If you must have your oven clean, use these tips:

  • Purchase an affordable portable Shark steam cleaner to dissolve food droppings for easier clean up
  • Scrape burnt food droppings off with a standard BBQ Grill Scraper.  Scrape, scrub and clean by hand.
  • Refrain from aeresol  oven cleaning sprays which upset the sensitive bird respiratory sysem.

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Diane Burroughs, founded in 1998. A bird lover who is owned by African Grey's, a Moluccan, a Parrotlet and a Red-Bellied Parrot, Diane is dedicated to improving the lives of pet birds with vet-approved parrot tested supplies and expert bird care articles.

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