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How To Read Parrot Body Language

HOW TO READ A PARROTS BODY LANGUAGE Are you one of those people who passionate about birds? Well, then there is so much you need to understand about your feathered friend.  Generally, birds are known to be highly intelligent creatures.  They are smart beyond their size.  Birds have very developed brains and with highly complex […]

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Happy Halloween Everybirdie

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Winter Bird Care Tips

Winter Parrot Supplies

The approach of the winter season normally sends a chilly cloud down the spine of many parrot lovers. The icy, cold season usually brings with it discomfort not only to the birds but the owners as well. Many of the caged bird pets in America have their origin in geographical areas that are warm almost […]

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Parrot Jealousy Unraveled

Parrot Jealousy Happens Parrot people often lament about how their parrot becomes jealous. They don’t understand why a parrot seems to turn on them or the family when they love it so much.  Well, to understand that, you have to think like a parrot, one that is not a domesticated pet living with humans but rather much […]

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Birdy Boredom Busters

5 DIY Bird Foraging Toys

So, as a bird owner, you want your pet to have the best of everything, but that can get expensive. Between having to be careful about the ingredients in store bought treats and worrying about what materials the bird toys themselves are made out of, you have a lot of things on your mind when […]

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