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Que Pasa1 150x150 About UsCurious about BirdSupplies.com?  Visit Blog.BirdSupplies.com for useful articles about the safe and ethical treatment of pet  and wild birds.

I vividly remember when I realized my passion for parrots -which ultimately resulted in my interest about BirdSupplies.com  I’ve always been the kind of person that rescues pets and animals. As a kid, I was in 4-H but I could never allow myself to acquire an animal that would be a “feeder.”  You know.  A lamb chop or pork loin.

I grew up on some acreage in Southern California so we always had a lot of animals.  I could almost read the needs of my pets like a psychic or something.  I had an orphan chicken as a pet once. I think it was a cross or a mutation as it was expelled from our chicken flock. Even back then, I knew that all animals had needs, feelings and thoughts. As a kid I aspired to be an Oceanographer but then my parents moved to Kansas. No ocean. Drat’s.

But then, in 1997, I hand fed a Squirrel and a couple of Grackles. After the birds flew off and the squirrel took to the trees, I realized how much birds had to offer. I adopted a normal cockatiel.Her name was Peanut. Then I got the fever. Parrot Fever, that is. I realized what a wonder birds are. Wild birds but parrots in particular. I grew a small flock. Never more than I could really enrich.

Early in my parrot quest, I found that it was difficult to find high quality, safe parrot or bird supplies so I started an online bird store. This was pretty early in the dot.com phase and everyone thought I was nuts.   I’m not sure if it was fate or luck. but I dove into e-commerce specializing in top quality bird supplies. The kind of safe, reputable parrot supplies that I wanted to use with my own parrots.

I now have seven beautiful parrots who are featured on my web site, www.birdsupplies.com
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  • Mika, a Pacific Parrotlet is a feisty little pistol. She, was hatched in 2006 and she loves to tell me who is the boss! Peachy our Moluccan Cockatoo
  • Skeeter, the Red Bellied Parrot, is a doll. She is flighted and loves to ride on my shoulder for hours.
  • Mandolina (Mandy) is an Orange Winged Amazon. She is a rescue and she is too proud to live in a cage. She is also flighted and loves to fly to where we are, just to hang out.
  • The Twins, Timmy and Sissy, are Timneh African Grey Parrots. Timneh’s are an under-estimated African Grey Parrot. Neither Timmy or Sissy are moody or nippy. They’re just plan sweet. Timmy talks up a storm while Sissy is quite the dancer.
  • Smokey is a Congo African Grey. He was hatched in 1997 and he is possibly a little spoiled. Maybe somewhat entitled. I probably promote this attitude. It’s all about the moxie! He talks when he feels like it and loves to come down off of his bird stand to find out where I’m at.
  • Peachy. You guessed it is a  Moluccan Cockatoo. He hatched  in 1996 and I rehomed him in 1999. I know that cockatoo’s have a reputation of being loud, needy and as being feather pluckers, but Peachy truly is a real peach! He vocalizes during normal parrot times, usually for about 15 minutes in the evening, but he knows that if I close the door to the bird room that it’s time to quiet down. One time we had Peachy on display and Eric Peake walked by.  He commented that Peachy is the best looking Moluccan Cockatoo that he had ever seen.  I could go on and on about Peachy, but I think you get the idea.   We’ve got a special bond.

So, what have my Parrot Babies taught me? Parenting skills tops the list. Honestly, what haven’t my parrots taught me? I mean really. Understanding and accepting diversity.  Love of parrot conservation, ecology and birding.  How animals really do have feelings and how incredibly smart parrots are. Plus, true love, patience, acceptance and forgiveness.

 About Us
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