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Diane Burroughs and Smokey

This Is Me & Smokey In 2013

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BirdSupplies.com began due to my overwhelming love and passion for Parrots. I was the type kid that was always dragging home stray animals on my mission to rescue all I could find.Although I participated in 4-H, I could never bring myself to acquire any animal that I knew was going to end up on a grill someday. So, raising goats, sheep or lambs were not for me.As a child, growing up with plenty of acreage in southern California opened the door for me and my desire to save the world of homeless animals. Having this to my advantage, we always had plenty of animals roaming around. Some say there are people that just have a particular connection with animals, almost as if they could read each other’s minds. I was one of those people. There were times that I would know by their actions what their intentions were. Maybe it was due to my understanding that all animals do have feelings and particular needs. For instance, I once had a chicken that had been expelled from its flock. It was an orphan that perhaps was a mutation, or cross breed. I understood its feeling and nurtured it where most would have killed it. I was always this way with animals. I see in them what others can’t. I once wanted to be Oceanographer, sadly that dream fell apart when my family moved to Kansas.

How I Became A Parrot Whisperer

In 1997, one small incident changed the course of my life. I had the opportunity of hand feeding a squirrel and some Grackles. Once the birds took flight, and the squirrel ran to the trees, it was there I realized how much amazement there was in birds. This is where Peanut, my first cockatiel came into my life through adoption. I caught a fever at this point, Parrot fever to be exact. I was in total amazement to how wonderful birds truly were. For some unknown reason I had failed before now in seeing their true divine wonders. I grew to love wild birds, but parrots became my passion. I not only had a “couple” parrots; I had what one could consider my own personal flock, but never more than what I could entirely enhance their lives.

How BirdSupplies.com Was Hatched

taking your parrot on vacationHere is where BirdSupplies.com enters the picture. Having my own personal pets, I found myself struggling to find high-quality products that would be as safe for my birds that I had hoped. Even though, everyone thought I was a bit crazy, I started an online bird store when the dot.com world was running. Following my dream and my gut, e-commerce was my path into selling top notch bird supplies. Today, I am able to offer to my customers safe, reputable, healthy parrot supplies that are better than anything found anywhere else. Be sure to check out the stars of the show, our featured parrots featured here www.birdsupplies.com. So, what are the things I have learned from my babies? What haven’t I learned is more like it. Making the top of the list would have to be parenting skills. My being more understanding and willing to accept diversity, love for parrot-to-person conversation, birding and ecology would be other lessons learned. Something that I carried from my childhood over into adulthood is that animals do have feelings, thoughts and needs. We humans just have to take the time to and make to effort in seeing these traits. Enhanced by Zemanta

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