4 Cool Foraging Bird Toys for Under $15

Research attests to the huge benefits of foraging style bird toys.  Wild birds must forage for bird food and treats every day so foraging is in our parrot’s innate nature.  Providing your parrot with foraging bird toys requires your parrot to plan, contemplate and even” work out” to get desired treats and toys. More advanced foraging toys feature a 2 or 3 step problem solving process.

In our opinion some the best foraging bird toys are bird safe, reusable and require either thought or a workout to solve.  Reusable bird toys offer the best value for your money because these they can be used over and over again.  Have several refillable resusable toys that you can rotate so your bird doesn’t get bored. That’s not to say Foraging Baskets aren’t fantastic.  Bird’s love chewing all types of textures and get some great foraging benefits from vines, leaf textures and wood products.  Over time, though, our most popular foraging bird toys are:

  • Buffet Ball Bird Foraging Toy Series:  This bird toy is available in a few different models. The basic premise of this foraging toy is a refillable polycarbonate ball.  The ball can be purchased on its own or on a hanging kabob.  It can also be bought in a cage mount style, which may be best for smaller birds or handicapped birds. With so many versions of the ‘”Buffet Ball” you’ll find that this foraging toy is appropriate for many pet birds. These balls come in 3″ and 5″ sizes.
  • Foraging Basket by Super Bird Creations is based on a 5″ x 5″ hanging straw basket crammed full of foot sized shred able delights that small and medium parrots delight in.  From Paper Fingers, corrugated cardboard, to ice cream sticks,

    Parrots love foraging bird toys

    parrot lovers and parrots love this affordable foraging bird toy.

  • Stainless Steel Foraging Bucket hangs in the cage just waiting to be filled with “stuff” your parrot can dig through to find treats.  Just create a personalized recipe of foraging materials, foot sized, preening toys and tasty bird treats.  This refillable, bird proof bucket can turn into a new bird toy every day! NOW AVAILABLE IN 1/2 PINT SIZE!
  • Coco Fiber Balls are a very affordable foot sized foraging bird toy that is made from rolled up vine, stuffed with preen friendly coconut fiber.  You can pick your parrots favorite treats, seeds and nuts to bury inside.

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